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How to supply domestically

Internal Supply Instructions for Products

  • How to buy for domestic consumption
  • Instructions on how to harvest bitumen
  • Hints

1.    Selecting a brokerage company by the client and obtaining a stock market purchase code
2.    Submitting a written purchase request to the brokerage firm
3.     Announcement of the prepayment amount by the broker and presentation to the client
4.    Deposit equal to 10% of the tonnage amount requested by the brokerage company
5.    Trading in the stock exchange hall by the buyer's broker
6.   Deposit the rest of the money by the customer and present the deposit slip to the buyer's broker (it should be noted that the cash settlement deadline is 3 working days).
7.    Submission of purchase documents by the buyer's broker to the seller's broker
8.    Sending purchase documents (registering the order of goods) by the seller's broker to the domestic sales unit of Pars Behin Qeshm Oil Refinery
9.     Issuance of sales remittances by internal sales unit partners
10.    Loading from the relevant factory by the shipping contractor introduced by the customer

Note: For the latest instructions with the internal sales unit through Contact us page Get in touch.

Dear customers, before making a purchase, you can read the instructions on how to extract bitumen and the relevant laws on the website of Pars Behin Qeshm Oil Refining Company.

If the customer wishes to receive the sales invoice, he must submit a written request to the domestic sales unit of Pars Behin Qeshm Oil Refinery.


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Qeshm:  3rd floor , next to Shams Hotel, Fardis Crossroads, Palestine St , Waliasr St , Tehran, Iran.

Refinery:  Pasargad Qeshm Extra Heavy Oil Refinery, Zainabi Three Way, Bandar e Laft to Darghan Road, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan, Iran.