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This company is one of the subsidiaries of Pasargad Energy Development Group.

About Pars Behin Qeshm Oil Refinery 

Qeshm Pars Behin Oil Refinery Company (PBQ), located in the Qeshm Islnad Free Zone, is a one of the subsidiaries of the downstream part of Pasargad Energy Development Group. PBQ is constructing Qeshm heavy crude oil refinery in the north part of the Qeshm Island.

feed for said reifinery in the amount of 70,000 barrels per day is supplied from Soroush and Nowrouz oil fields in the Persian Gulf. products of the rifinery are bitumen and light crude oil destined for export. Hara Jetty, immediately North of the refinery, is currently being built to serve said refinery and nearby future projectsfor unloading of the feed material and loadings of products through dedicated pipeline from Jetty to the PBQ refinery.

Pars Behin Qeshm Oil Refinery


Basic project information

Project Type: Heavy Crude Oil Refinery

Project location: Qeshm Island (free zone), Hormozgan province

6Project area: 46 hectares

Estimated production date: from 2020


Licenses and contractor

License and basic engineering: Hormozgan Energy Industry Development Company (HEIDCO)

Detailed Engineering: Hampa Energy Engineering and Design Company (HEDCO)

Contractor: Toos Asphalt Company PC


Source and production capacity

Sources: Soroush and Nowruz oil fields

Light crude oil production capacity per year: 5.700.00 barrels per year - a total of 70,000 barrels of light crude oil in the first and second phases

From Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery

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Application Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery Products

Below you can see the applications of Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery products :

Construction and industrial cladding: road flooring, roof, waterproof

Spraying and some mixing application

Electrical products, paints and glazes

Raw materials for light crude oil refineries



Tehran: Unit 12, No. 9, Third Alley,  Sanjabi St, Madar Square, Mirdamad Blvd

Qeshm: Third Floor, Next to Shams Hotel, Palestine St., Pardis Crossroads,Valiasr St.

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