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Mission and goals of Pars Behin

Qeshm Oil Refining Company     

  • Mission and goals
  • The first phase
  • The second phase

The company is responsible for constructing the Qeshm heavy oil refinery on a 45-hectare land located in the northern part of Qeshm Island in order to produce and export various types of bitumen and light Hydrocarbon Cut using heavy crude oil feed.

  • Pasargad Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery
  • Location: Northern part of Qeshm Island
  • Owner: Pars Behin Qeshm Oil Refining Company
  • Products: Bitumen, intermediate products including diesel, kerosene and naphtha

In this phase, production and export of various types of bitumen and light crude oil using heavy crude oil feed with a capacity of 35,000 barrels per day (as the first phase) is underway.

The company in December 1395, permission to increase the capacity of food from 35,000 barrels to 70,000 barrels per day (the second phase) of the Oil Ministry has obtained that are currently in the preliminary stage financing and implementation of the project's development plan is

Time left until opening

Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery

From idea to action

Experts, staff and top project design

The design of Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery has been done by our elite specialists and staff on Qeshm Island :

Pars Behin Palayesh Naft Qeshm Company is one of the Iran’s largest Bitumen refineries and subsidiary of Pasargad Energy Development Company; located in the Qeshm Island Free Zone, at Persian Gulf, Hormozgan province.

The refinery is under construction as a fully private company in Iran’s petroleum sector, in two individual phases; with the same products including bitumen as the main product, and light Hydrocarbon Cut as byproduct.

The first phase has already been completed up to 98 percent and is scheduled to be commissioned and utilized by the end of the year 2021, with annual production capacity of around 1 million tons of different types of penetration grades bitumen (i.e. 40/50 , 60/70 , 85/100), and around 5,700,000 barrels of light oil.

The light Hydrocarbon Cut could potentially be replaced by naphtha, kerosene, and gasoil. The main aims of construction of the refinery in Qeshm Island are; Production of high-quality products in compliance with Euro 2005 standards, reduction of environmental pollution, energy efficiency, ECO Friendly, and improving the efficiency of trading and operation.

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Use the latest technology
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HSE Monitoring
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